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Fred at the Girls on the Run Race
Liz Fohs from Del
Mar Elementary in
Santa Cruz, CA is
Halloween 2012
Kids working out. Brain breaks for kids. 5 minute fitness
Reggie Stalzer dresses as Fred at his Fit
Friday school event in Des Moines, Iowa.
Bug Fred
Bobblehead Fred
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Frightened Fred 3
Fred and Friends at the Let's Move in
Parkway Event
May 2013
Shape Project by Luke Esteban
Farmington View Elementary
Hillsboro, Oregon
Looking for brain breaks to do in the classroom? Looking for a variety of workouts
that kids will ask to do again and again? Look no further! Give it a try.
I have decided to start posting my videos online.  I am moving to a donation format to
help keep the site running. If you like what you see or use Fred often, a donation would be
greatly appreciated! Technology is advancing and many schools newer computers do not
have DVD drives. This will also give you the option to do the workouts on a personal
device. I have added many new workouts below you to enjoy. More will be posted soon.

Stills from a few of the videos
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